Frequently Asked Questions

At Taste of Gig Harbor, we’ve done our best to create a website that anticipates and satisfies our patrons’ needs. With that goal in mind, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please see our Contact Us page.

Who and/or what sponsors do you seek?

We are looking for two types of sponsors:

1. Table sponsors who will commit to fill a table of eight or ten and cover the cost either beneficially or through ticket sales to their friends and relative

2. Business/corporate/individual sponsors who will make a contribution to the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor

You list "Data Inputs" as one of your points of contact; what is it all about?

This is largely an internal function of record keeping, statistical sampling, and reconciliation of purchases and contributions.

What are you disbursing?

Despite the fact that this is a charity event, it does not come without expenses. This is the department that covers event bills.

What is "Raise the paddle"?

Live auction bidders will have a bidder number paddle. They will make a donation at an amount that is personally significant to them. The funds raised get reinvested in the community through the many grants and programs funded each year by the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor.

What is a “Wine Ring Toss?”

We’ll have a display of wines set up in a terraced fashion. One buys chances to toss hoops. If a hoop rings a bottle of wine, the player wins the wine.

Who is invited and how are they contacted?

Everyone is invited. You are welcome to buy a ticket and invite your friends to join you.

What support can you give to vendors who volunteer to provide food and drink at your event?

We will provide assistance to erect your kiosk, hang banners, provide volunteers to help with logistics and do whatever it takes to make your experience with us a pleasant and profitable enterprise.

What are you procuring?

We seek donated items for our live and/or silent auction. Vacations, excursions, tools, food, drink, in short anything that you would want, we want as a donation to a good cause.

What are you decorating, and who’s in charge?

We will be decorating the hall and tables. Please see our Contact Us page if you would like to donate or help.

Are my donations tax deductible?

The Rotary Club of Gig Harbor is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit. Donations are fully tax deductible in accordance with applicable IRS tenants.