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Our Food Sponsors

LunchBox Lab

Since 2011 our classically trained chefs continue to strive to uphold the stanards of excellence that have brought us continued success. Today, Lunchbox Laboratory continues to be a nationally recognized culinary force. We will continue to bring you the “world’s best burgers and shakes” for many years to come. Featured items include: the “Burger of the Gods,” the “Astronaut’s Manmosa,” “Buffalo Chicken Roll Ups,” “Classic ‘Merican Mac & Cheese,” and Drunken Elvis” liquor-infused shake.)

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At BBQ2U we cook authentic central Texas-style barbecue. We only use wood-fired pits and follow the methods that have yielded great barbecue for over 100 years. For some, BBQ is a treat. For others, BBQ is a diversion. For me, BBQ is life. When meats meet the flames, when smoke has its way and when seasonings do that sweet voodoo that they do, you have just left the world of mere ‘cooking.’ My name is Gary Parker and I’ll be your pit master.

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The Harbor General Store

The Harbor General Store is our take on the nostalgic general store of yesteryear. A place where the community comes to get supplies & gifts, find out the town gossip and feel connected. We are mindful in our practices to sell goods that are quality and made in America. We are passionate about our environment, creating jobs, and supporting artisans. Our little store is a gourmet market, a cafe and gift boutique all in one space. We are excited to serve the community we both grew up in.

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Morso is Inspired by THE welcoming, energetic and casual ambiance of Neighborhood Bistros found throughout Europe.

We source quality ingredients that inspire us to create and cook with fresh flavors from the bounty of the Pacific northwest seasons.

Morso Bistro & Wine Market was inspired by the desire to create a restaurant that feels like a home away from home. We want to Nurture the bodies, hearts and minds of our guests in a lively and comfortable space.

Morso is simply a place where we can enjoy delicious food, wine and beer with friends, family and community.

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Table 47

Responsibly + Thoughtfully Sourced Craft Food & Drink
Table 47 is a celebration of our home here on the 47th parallel, and a great casual place to eat in in Gig Harbor, Washington! Our menu is rooted in the foods, farms, and flavors of the Pacific Northwest, with familiar classics and globally inspired twists. There’s something here for everyone. Responsible sourcing is at the heart of the food and drinks we serve our guests. We source our ingredients as close to home as we can, organic when possible, always thoughtfully to provide the best quality for you.

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We Focus on the Environment so you can Focus on the Delicious Meal in Front of You
Our steam kettle cooking process is extremely energy efficient and fast. We bring in our seafood from sustainable sources that do not harm our marine ecosystems.Steam kettle cooking has been around for over a century. The jacketed kettle reaches a precise 212 degrees in under a minute, efficiently cooking your KettleFish classic to perfection, every time.
Steam kettle cooking uses 62% less energy than traditional stock-pot on open-flame cooking methods.
Sustainable sources of seafood create zero harm to our environment.

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Anthonys at Gig Harbor

We are family-owned local restaurants fiercely dedicated to providing the highest quality food, premier seafood, and exceptional service with waterfront views that are unmatched anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you are looking for a location to celebrate a special occasion with friends and family, or if you are just looking for a good bite to eat because you don’t feel like cooking – we are here for you.

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Gertie and The Giant Octopus

Our seasonally-driven menus are crafted from our dedication to the familiar and the unique. Rooted in classic European cuisine and transformed through inspirations and ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, our dishes seek to appease and celebrate every diverse taste bud.
Our locally inspired concept is based off of the fallen bridge crossing the Tacoma Narrows, Galloping Gertie. The bridge that fell, November 7th 1940, is now home to one of the world’s largest octopus, legend has it. Galloping Gertie and its inhabitant, inspired French Diver Jacques Cousteau to visit the watery remains, meeting the famous Giant Octopus.
Gertie and the Giant Octopus brings a classical approach to European cuisine and wine presented in a nostalgic way. Our restaurant celebrates Gig Harbor’s history and seeks to offer a fine dining experience in a cozy and comfortable setting.
Join us for a meal, a glass of wine, and to rediscover what makes our community unique.

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